Diana Zhang, REU 2017 (home institution: University of Texas at Austin)

Johnathan O'Donnell, M.S. 2017

Michelle Smeaton, 2016 (graduate student at Cornell University, Department of Materials Science)

Dr. Sung A Kim, 2017 (Now at PolyOne Corporation)

Arya Baghkhanian, M.S. 2015

Eric Greve, 2015 (Now a Ph.D. student at UW-Milwaukee)

Dan Glazier, 2015 (Now a Ph.D. student in UW-Madison Pharmacy Department)

Dr. Dominic V. Perroni, Ph.D. 2015 (Now a research chemist at Schlumberger)

Dr. Frank Speetjens, II, Ph.D. 2015 (Now an engineer at Micron Technology)

Kim Dinh, 2015 (chemical engineering graduate student at MIT with Y. Roman)

Nemanja Vuksanovic, M.S. 2015

Allen Wang, M.S. 2014

Jeffrey Ehrhardt, 2014

Dr. Adam Schmitt, Ph.D. 2014

Dr. Milton Repollet, Ph.D. 2013

Dr. Greg Sorenson, Ph.D. 2013

Dr. Ryan L. Weber, Ph.D. 2013

Dr. Joan M. Widin Schroeder, Ph.D. 2012

Dr. Corinne E. Lipscomb, Ph.D. 2011

Glen B. Thomas, M.S. 2012

Beau L. Monnot, M.S. 2010 (now Analytical Projects Specialist at Honeywell Corporation, 2012-present)

Erin Henninger, M.S. 2008

David Moody, M.S. 2007

Rhiannon Carter, M.S. 2007 (now at Merck Process Group, Boston, MA)

Megan Livingston, 2014 (now a Ph.D. student in the MMB Lab at UW-Madison)

Nick Myllenbeck, 2012

Dr. Andrew L. Schmitt, 2012 (Post-Doc; Brady Corporation)

Dr. Kyuhyun Im, 2009 (Post-Doc; Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)

Doug Fraser, 2013

Isaac Plant, 2011

Steven Banik, B.S. 2011 (undergraduate, Ph.D. Chemistry, 2016, Harvard University with E. N. Jacobsen; postdoc with C. Bertozzi, Stanford University)

David Bunck, B.S. 2008 (undergraudate; Ph.D. Chemistry, 2015, Cornell University with W. Dichtel, postdoc with J. R. Heath at CALTECH)

Chris Bates, B.S. 2007 (Ph.D. Chemistry, 2014, UT-Austin with C. Grant Willson and C. J. Ellison; postdoc with R. H. Grubbs at CALTECH; assistant professor UC-Santa Barbara Material Department)

Harry Robertson, Exchange Student (home institution: University of Bristol)

Carlos Baez Cotto, REU 2012, 2013 (home institution: Universidad de Puerto Rico-Cayey)

Andrew Price, REU 2011 (home institution: University of Arkansas)

Keiva Coppage, REU 2010 (home institution: UW-Whitewater)

Francois Payen, REU 2009 (home institution: New York University-Polytechnic)

Sarina Schwartz, REU 2008 (home institution: Haverford College)

Orielyz Flores–Fernandez, REU 2007 (home institution: Universidad de Puerto Rico-Cayey)